Stuart Hayward-Higham

Stuart Hayward-Higham, Technical Development Director, SUEZ R&R UK limited

Areas of expertise:

  • Waste production mapping, composition, sorting, treatment and conversion/energy recovery technologies
  • Environmental impacts/carbon modelling and prediction
  • Markets for solutions and materials in the waste, resource and energy sector
  • Emerging or innovative technologies and products
  • Circular Economy, system changes and solutions
  • R&D and Innovation throughout the company activities

Stuart Hayward-Higham is currently responsible for non-bidding emerging development activities in SITA UK, delivering tools, techniques and information to meet customers’ business imperatives. This includes delivering new solutions or making successful niche activities mainstream through to market intelligence, market modelling and forecasting.

Main activity themes include harnessing waste as a resource, energy and bio-fuels manufacture, sorting, extraction and value enhancement for waste mix resources and the increasing introduction of circular economy based products and solutions.

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