Steve Glover

Steve Glover, Director of Hard Coal & Gas Power Plant UK, RWE Generation UK

Steve is Head of RWE Generation’s UK power station fleet, totalling some 10,000 MW of plant. He is also responsible for the central technical support functions of RWE, consisting of specialist engineering and maintenance services, environment and chemistry support, performance management, business improvement, information systems and third party services.

Steve has 36 years’ experience within the power generation industry, initially with CEGB and later, National Power, Innogy and RWE npower. He has experience in power plant operations, engineering, maintenance and performance development.

Steve was appointed to his current position in January 2017. His management roles have included Engineering Manager at Didcot A (2000MW coal fired power station), Station Manager at Pembroke Power Station (2200MW CCGT power plant), Head of Performance Development and Head of Technical Services

Steve has a degree in Energy Technology from the University of Aston in Birmingham and is a Fellow of the IET and a Chartered Engineer.

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