Martin Nagell

Martin Nagell, Head, Asset Management, Masdar Clean Energy

Martin Nagell, is responsible for asset management at Masdar, an Abu Dhabi sovereign owned investment and development company. A former management consultant and investment banker, he has overseen the management of Masdar’s portfolio of renewable energy investments since 2012. He also held the role of Masdar’s Head of Strategy for three years before he was appointed to his current position.

As a management consultant, Mr. Nagell has advised clients on strategic and development aspects of a wide range of topics including operational efficiency, value based management, merchant and financial risk management, acquisition related advice, merger and post-merger integration, corporate governance and organizational development. His past clients include government institutions concerned with economic development, sovereign wealth funds, asset management, investment companies, the banking sector, energy utilities, and telecoms.

As an investment banker, he has managed corporate acquisitions and strategic sale mandates on behalf of corporate clients. He has also supported corporations in securing new financing through both private and public transactions; advised in the facilitation of debt financing relating to mergers and acquisitions and debt restructuring for distressed companies; provided fair value assessments and advice on optimal capital structure; and advised on capital market issues relating to dividend policy and share liquidity management. His experience also includes providing market insights and trading in a wide range of financial instruments within the capital market division of one of Scandinavia’s largest banks.

Mr. Nagell has worked in Scandinavia, the Middle East, Southern, Central and Western Europe, Northern Africa, Australia and the United States of America. He is fluent in Norwegian (native tongue), English, and Spanish, and highly proficient in Czech and German.

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