Kaj Pyyhtiä

Kaj Pyyhtiä, MSc Economics and BA

CXO, Co-Founder, MaaS Global

Kaj has worked the past 16 years in several digital service creation, consultancy and marketing agencies. He has been working with several global customers in varying industries like telecom, gaming, communications and infrastructure. Kaj’s focus is tying the best possible end user experience with new business opportunities. Kaj is responsible for the User Experience of the Whim app, including things like marketing, communications and user acquisition.

My Sessions

Autonomous vehicle and digital transport infrastructure

Ballroom North

With a Code of Practice for testing driverless cars already established in the UK, the recently announced by the Government additional investment into intelligent transport infrastructure and success stories of driverless vehicle trials in Smart Cities like Milton Keynes highlight a decisive move towards autonomous vehicle infrastructure and intelligent mobility in the UK. With Smart […]

Superconnected Green Cities