Iain Watson

Iain Watson, Director, UK Green Investment Bank PLC

Iain is a director in the Green Investment Bank’s Distributed Energy and Onshore Renewables team, with particular responsibility for public sector related investment. He has been involved in financing infrastructure and low carbon projects for over 20 years in debt, equity and advisory. Iain developed GIB’s “Green Loan for Local Authorities” and has led the GIB teams providing funding to Kent and Barking & Dagenham councils recently. In his role he works alongside ESCOs, central government departments such as BEIS, the Heat Networks Partnership and Scottish Futures Trust in Scotland, and local authorities to help them develop and fund their low carbon infrastructure programmes.

My Sessions

Investor views on energy infrastructure opportunities


The session will explore the changing investment dynamics in energy infrastructure space in the UK as well as the broader global energy market. It will look at which energy sectors institutional investors are most interested in, what risks and funding structures they are happy with and discuss what it all means to UK energy market […]

Energy Infrastructure