Dr Geoff Davis

Dr Geoff Davis, Chief Strategy Officer, HORIBA MIRA

Dr Davis joined MIRA in 2009 following 10 years at Ricardo – the technical, engineering and management consultancy. He is an experienced engineering consultancy professional with a solid grounding in engineering fundamentals, has up-to-date experience in the latest automotive technologies and trends and has first-hand experience of working across a comprehensive range of overseas territories and industry sectors.

Dr Davis’s background gives him a unique insight into the global automotive, defence and off-highway industries and he has spent considerable time in Asian, European and South American markets creating entities, developing new business and delivering engineering and strategic consultancy projects.

As part of the executive team, Dr Davis has overseen the development of the brand and sales and marketing activity, implemented the international platform that will enable MIRA’s future growth plans, whilst working closely alongside his colleagues with the development of the organisation’s commercial and technical capability, and future corporate strategy.

Dr Davis was one of the team that successfully completed the sale of MIRA into the HORIBA group of companies in 2015, and he has subsequently been working with his HORIBA colleagues in its integration and the development of the unique turnkey offering that HORIBA MIRA now offers to the market.

During his time at MIRA and subsequently HORIBA MIRA, Dr Davis has overseen the development of the company’s technical and R&D strategy, and has recently accelerated the organisation’s plans and capability in the field of ADAS and Intelligent & Connected Vehicles (ICAV) through the implementation of the company’s latest technology growth strategy.

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