Housing – addressing undersupply & reducing carbon footprint

Ballroom South

The UK Chancellor’s Autumn Statement outlined details for investment of over £7.2 billion in housing. The priorities include:

  • a new Housing Infrastructure Fund of £2.3 billion to unlock new housing supply with the potential to deliver up to 100,000 homes;
  • £1.4 billion to deliver an additional 40,000 affordable housing starts by 2020 to 2021;
  • £2 billion of funding to pilot ‘accelerated construction’ to speed up house building on surplus public sector land; and
  • £1.8 billion of extra spending by Housing Associations from sources other than central government

The session will address how these priorities are going to be implemented in real terms and what role major institutional investors, housing developers and local governments will play in order to meet the UK’s housing needs.

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