Building infrastructure for 21st century cities. Investment trends

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The UK Chancellor’s Autumn Statement announcement regarding the new £23 billion National Productivity Investment Fund included infrastructure investments of over £2.6 billion to improve transport networks, a multi-million pound package to accelerate the future of broadband and £7.2 billion to support the construction of new homes.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will receive more money which can be spent on infrastructure projects with each devolved administration deciding where this will be spent.

The following increased amounts have been allocated:

  • over £800 million for the Scottish Government;
  • over £400 million for the Welsh Government; and
  • over £250 million for the Northern Ireland Executive.

Together with the National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline this investment fund presents a significant growth opportunity to UK cities across the country.

The session will look into how both the UK Government and investors see this commitment taking shape and where investors see their infrastructure allocations flow next.

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