Oren Ezer

CEO and Co-founder, ElectReon


We have caught up with Oren Ezer to get his feedback on Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure. Oren is a CEO and Co-founder of ElectReon.

ElectReon has successfully managed to charge a fully electric 40-ton truck and trailer wirelessly at a test facility in Sweden. The next step is to charge the truck through dynamic wireless power transfer on a public road at Gotland, Sweden.

The Smartroad Gotland project is the world’s first wireless electric road system (ERS) for trucks and buses on public roads. ERS supports electric power transfer to vehicles while in motion and has great potential to decarbonize the transport sector and to increase energy efficiency with a reduced need of batteries. 

EV Charging Infrastructure Team: Can you describe your role in EV charging market space and who your customers are?

Oren Ezer:

Electreon is a publicly traded Israeli company, a global leader in developing and implementing Wireless Electric Road Systems (ERS) – a shared, invisible platform that wirelessly charges commercial and passenger electric vehicles while driving.

By significantly decreasing battery size, cost and weight and improving operational efficiency, Electreon offers governments, cities and fleet operators the most sustainable and cost effective solution on the way to 100% global electrification.

Electrifying commercial vehicles is challenging since there is no optimal charging solution but must happen in order to meet global emissions reduction goals. ElectReon enables this transition by decreasing CAPEX and range anxiety while increasing operation efficiency and passengers/cargo capacity for fleets:

– Cities – buses, delivery trucks, shuttles, taxies, municipality;

– Highways/Toll roads/Ports – Long haul/drayage trucks, Inter city buses, range extending for passenger EV;

– Integrated and holistic solution for electrifying transportation of entire country/region.


EV Charging Infrastructure Team: Can you share with us an insight into one of your latest projects?

Oren Ezer:

Project description: To enable the mission-critical knowledge transfer to the Swedish Transport Administration, Smartroad Gotland will deploy a fully functional public shuttle service and test bed through a 1.6 km long electric road as part of the total route of 4.1 km between the airport and town center of Visby on the idyllic island of Gotland, an eco-municipality in the middle of the Baltic Sea.

Parties involved: As an integral strategic step towards implementing the Swedish government’s national roadmap for electric road systems.

Problem faced: Long haul trucks fleet operators have no viable electrification solution.

What problems does the project solve: Long haul heavy truck fleets benefit significantly from the Electreon solution since no heavy and costly batteries, nor stops for charging, are needed.

Project structure: The project is financed by the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) as part of the electric road roadmap of the Swedish government to reduce CO2 emissions from heavy transportation. 

Project costs: about $12M

Project difficulties: The project is the first implementation of a very innovative technology on a public road, it is also challenging to do something that was not done before, One example that our solution had to survive the Swedish winter.

Key take-aways from the project: We recently managed to charge a long haul truck while driving on the electric road in Sweden for the first time ever, this proves to the world that there is an option to electrify long haul trucks without using huge batteries or ultra fast charging. Such trucks create huge GHG emissions and the wireless ERS solution is the most viable way to decrease those emissions. Also it is the first time that we deployed our technology on a public road, this happened in a very quick and smooth way that will enable mass global deployment.


EV Charging Infrastructure Team: How do you see your company’s role evolve in 2020-2021 and what are the key market targets for you in 2021?

Oren Ezer:


– Intercity – charging a long haul truck and a bus on a public road in Sweden, financed and supported by the Swedish government, next stage – 30 km pilot project;

– Urban – charging a shuttle in Tel Aviv, financed and supported by the Israeli government, municipality and Dan buses. next – Tel Aviv as the first wireless ERS city;

– German market – MOU with ENBW, leading German energy company, collaboration with Eurovia;

– Strategic partnerships with governments, municipalities, grid operators, OEMs, tier 1, road construction companies, green transportation organizations in Europe, U.S and Asia.

Market targets:


– EU green deal seeks a 90% reduction in transportation emissions by 2050;

– Sweden established an ERS administration with ultimate goal for 2,000 km ERS for long haul trucks;

– Germany has been testing ERS and issued a call for wireless ERS demo project. The Öko-Institut study estimates the investment costs for a conceivable final expansion network in Germany of around 4,000 kilometers in length at 10.2 to 12.2 billion euros;

– Italy is planning to deploy ERS on the A35 toll road;

– France is planning two wireless ERS demo projects;

– UK – Coventry is planning a feasibility study for wireless ERS.

Non EU: 

– U.S and Asia also exploring ERS.


EV Charging Infrastructure Team:  What is your advice to your future customers?

Oren Ezer:

Think about joining our shared charging platform: 

– No need for each fleet operator to finance, build and operate complicated charging infrastructure;

– Eliminate charging infrastructure real estate and zoning requirements and visual impact for the city;

– No need to use huge batteries and stop for charging so operation can be smooth and cost effective.


EV Charging Infrastructure Team:  Taking your industry experience and projects you worked with into account, what are you going to address at our event on 9 October 2020?

Oren Ezer:

We plan to address the difficulties of electrifying and charging commercial fleets and the importance of doing so in order to proceed towards 100% global electrification.

We plan to announce that our wireless ERS solution is fully commercial after successfully completing our demo projects and ready for mass deployment.

Oren is speaking at our EV Charging Infrastructure, AC, DC, V1G, V2G Stakeholder Focus Day on 9 October and is happy to have further conversations with his industry peers. 

If you would like us to pass your message to Oren prior to Focus Day please contact Jane Huggins on enquiries@ukwideinvestment.com who will be able to facilitate your communication with him.