Andrew Daga

CEO, Momentum Dynamics


We interviewed Andrew Daga to get his opinion on the development of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure. Andrew is the founder and President and CEO of Momentum DynamicsPrior to founding Momentum Dynamics, Andrew was a leading consultant to the aerospace industry and contributed to the design of the International Space Station solar power array system, the Mars Pathfinder program, and future mission planning studies with NASA and the US Department of Defense.

Last year Momentum Dynamics was brought in to build the world’s first wireless fast-charging infrastructure for taxis in the City of Oslo.

EV Charging Infrastructure Team: Can you describe what your company does in EV charging market space and who your customers are?

Andrew Daga:

Momentum Dynamics develops automatic wireless charging systems for electric vehicles such as buses, transit vans, trucks, taxis and cars.We are based in Malvern, Pennsylvania, 30 minutes west of Philadelphia. We have put together a team of world-class engineers, scientists, software engineers and algorithm designers to deliver the future of fully automatic vehicle charging. Our system delivers operates at high power, of 50kW – 300kW.Wireless charging has a number of operator benefits such as enabling on-route opportunity charging without human intervention, thus increasing range and efficiency while lowering costs.This is particularly effective in high-utilization cases such as buses, taxis and delivery fleets where keeping a vehicle in service is important to running costs and customer service.The system provides incremental energy to a vehicle automatically, throughout the day via inductive charging of a vehicle-based receiving pad from a ground-based transmitting pad that is connected to a power supply. Depot charging through wireless power also eliminates cumbersome cables that are subject to wear & tear.

Through its high-power technology, Momentum Dynamics is uniquely positioned to deliver a clean, efficient, and effective charging infrastructure that meets the needs of all vehicle types. Momentum’s technical primacy means we lead the multibillion-dollar market for fast, high power cost-effective inductive charging.

EV Charging Infrastructure Team: Can you give us an overview of one of your latest projects?

Andrew Daga:

Momentum and its partner Link Transit have operated a wireless charging system in Wenatchee, WA for over two years, during which time the system has exceeded all expectations with impressive results. The system was chosen as it allows an electric bus to complete a long route cycle without depleting the battery to a critical level.  In 2020, the MD bus ran a 14-hour scheduled route and maintained its battery state-of-charge above 90% throughout the journey, without the need for driver intervention.  After this faultless pilot, Link Transit now plans route expansion and will add 10 new electric buses to its fleet in 2020.  All of these buses will be fitted with Momentum Dynamics’ wireless charging receivers. Momentum will provide 3 new on-route charging stations, each capable of delivering 300kW.

EV Charging Infrastructure Team: How do you see your company’s role evolve in 2020-2021 and what are the key market targets for you next year?

Andrew Daga: 

Momentum will continue to service fleets such as Transit and Last Mile Delivery and will also develop specific Taxi projects and ultimately will transition to consumer vehicles. 

EV Charging Infrastructure Team: What advice would you give to your future customers?

Andrew Daga: 

The critical components of operator costs are efficiency and the number of vehicles needed to service a fleet’s needs.  It is essential the operators do a full case study and appreciate what issues they will face when scaling up that are often hidden during small pilot studies. Because of range issues, operators often believe they need more vehicles to service their routes when the better answer if to provide automatic incremental fueling on route.

EV Charging Infrastructure Team: What are you going to address at our event on 9 October 2020?

Andrew Daga: 

Assessing the Real, Hidden Lessons of EV Fleet Pilot Tests – How not to be Misled by Results.

Andrew willl be presenting at our EV Charging Infrastructure, AC, DC, V1G, V2G Stakeholder Focus Day on 9 October. 

If you would like us to pass your message to Andrew prior to Focus Day please contact Jane Huggins on who will be able to facilitate your communication with him.