UK Power Networks - Enable

Helping disabled drivers make the switch to EVs


As the UK transitions to Net Zero and more people shift to zero emission electric vehicles, it’s estimated that around 1.35 million drivers with disabilities across the UK will be reliant on public charging infrastructure. That means we must think ahead now to identify new forms of exclusion and inequality: those without off-street parking could pay up to 10 times more to charge their electric vehicle if they can only use on-street charging. 

That is exactly why UK Power Networks has teamed up with national charity Motability – to form a partnership to help disabled drivers make the switch to electric vehicles. UK Power Networks is working with Motability to identify the specific needs of disabled EV drivers who park on-street, who need to park close to their home or destination. That means we can make sure drivers have the infrastructure they need to charge their cars, giving them the independence to get out and about.

The project, called Enable, will map out where charging infrastructure will be most needed to support drivers with disabilities. The maps will be developed with local authorities to inform their Local Area Energy Plans and ensure nobody is left behind.

Enable is working closely with a number of forward thinking local authorities to identify and address the key barriers preventing drivers with disabilities making the switch to EVs. Key factors include access to and accessibility of chargepoints near their home and the associated lack of information for prospective drivers looking to switch.

Uncovering the needs of disabled EV drivers and identifying the locations of disabled parking bays will allow for better cooperation with local authorities and targeted investment in public infrastructure in the right places.
Ian Cameron, head of customer service and innovation at UK Power Networks, said: “It is essential that UK Power Networks fully understand the needs of all our customers if we are to ensure nobody is left behind in the UK’s transition to Net Zero. This pioneering research informed by people with disabilities is a necessary and important step to accelerate the uptake in EVs.”

Catherine Marris, Head of Innovation at Motability, said: “As a national disability charity, we welcome UK Power Networks’ ground-breaking research that will ensure the involved local authorities can meet the mobility needs of disabled drivers in time for the upcoming energy transition. There is a robust commercial and social case for ensuring that future electric vehicle charging infrastructure is accessible for all and we are pleased to be a part of this inclusive and forward-thinking project, which will help inform our own UK-wide initiatives on accessible charging.”

UK Power Networks is a Partner at live EV Charging Infrastructure AC, DC, V1G, V2G Focus Days taking place on 7-8 September 2021 at The British Museum, London.

Shira Lappin, Innovation Project Lead at UK Power Networks will be speaking in “Understanding the social impact of residential on-street EV charging infrastructure, what the challenges are and why it’s so important?” focus panel on 7 September (10.05 – 11.05) discussing how to use collaboration to unlock EV charging for all.

Shira and UK Power Networks team will be happy to have further conversations with industry peers. 

If you would like us to pass your message to them prior to Focus Days please contact Jane Huggins on who will be able to facilitate your communication with them.