About Us

Founded in 2015, we are a boutique investment and corporate industry influencer platform.

We comprise a niche team of professionals with over 15 years of international industry event and City corporate experience covering Europe, UK, Asia, Far East and Russia.

Working with institutional investors, infrastructure investors, infrastructure project developers, renewable energy investors, renewable energy developers, innovators, UK government and leading scientific research organisations we raise the profile and provide the platform for today’s principal challenges requiring visibility, large investments and immediate actions. 

Visit our sites:

The Annual UK Wide Infrastructure Investment Showcase and Debates (The UK Wide Infrastructure Investment Showcase and Debates, UKWII2020), a one-day – two-day interactive showcase and debate platform for institutional and private investors and international developers to engage directly with UK infrastructure projects and regions looking for funding and financing.

European Renewables: Leaders or Followers? is the Infrastructure Focus Day (European Renewables: Leaders or Followers? Focus Day, EURORENS2019) dedicated to European Renewable Energy and which examines what it means to be a leader or follower in the European renewable energy market.

PowerUP 2020 Northern Europe Corporate & Industrial PPAs Focus Day (PowerUP 2020 Northern Europe Corporate & Industrial PPAs Focus Day) dedicated to introducing and promoting power purchase agreements as the next level of sustainable and responsible business to industrial and corporate entities based and operating in Northern Europe.