20.02.17 – The Ocean Cleanup Has Our Backing

THANK YOU to everyone who registered with us last month helping us to donate part of your registration fees towards The Ocean Cleanup a very worthwhile cause to rid our oceans of plastic.


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17.10.2016 – Host Announcement – Milton Keynes Council, UK’s fastest growing Smart City mkclogo

We are delighted to be working together with Milton Keynes Council as our event host. Cllr. Peter Marland and his team are the driving force showcasing this great city.

Milton Keynes has been UK’s fastest growing city and economy over the past 30 years. They sit at the heart of the Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford corridor that has been identified by government as an area of national importance in the global competition for knowledge intensive jobs. Efficient infrastructure that supports enterprise and major house building programmes is of critical importance to its continued success.

Milton Keynes is home to an internationally prominent Smart City Programme that is implementing new forms of digital infrastructure to support technology and service innovation. These projects include a city-scale data hub, a city-wide internet of things network and the UK’s largest and most complex trials of driverless vehicles, including autonomous pods in pedestrian environments. Milton Keynes Council will be showcasing the city and their projects at the conference.